Back to School

Listening to the radio this weekend on a drive up to upstate New York, I kept hearing “back to school, back to school, back to school” and even though I no longer have to endure that awkward first day of class, it still sends chills down my spine because it means summer’s end is closing in and summer movies along with it but fortunately we live in the world of trailers and trailers perpetually offer a glimpse of the future and what movies that will bring and Fall 2015 is looking excellent and jam packed.

I personally can not wait to see “The Walk” (link to trailer here: ) as I think we will finally get to see a stunning use of 3D. Even though it will take my breath away to see those towers again, gosh how I miss them! Everyone is waiting for Star Wars Episode VII or 58 million people just watched the trailer (Star Wars trailer link ) well frankly because trailers rule! MockingJay Part 2 (link to official trailer here: ) is another one on my fall list and of course 007 Spectre (Trailer 2 here: ).

I have been seeing a lot of the Revenent trailer ( ) – friends keep sending it saying “must see” and it makes me just want to watch Jeremiah Johnson all over again ( ), a calmer more gentler version of the pioneer spirit and I can sit in my living room with a cup of warm apple cider and reminisce about my father telling me how things used to be for him growing up the first time I watched it … but I always wanted to say “Dad, you grew up in the 60s in New York, you had electricity and plumbing” .

But I digress and before we say good bye to summer we have a few more films up our sleeve … The Fantastic Four Reboot (august 7th trailer link: ), The Man From Uncle (August 14th ) and Hitman: Agent 47 (August 21st ( which gets a ‘must see’ from me .. and on Labor Day weekend, we have The Transporter Refueled (Trailer link: ) which looks like another great ad for Audi and that my friends will close out the summer and the last bit of our adrenaline in our adrenal glands! What a fantastic Summer 2015! Long live Fall 2015!